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Learning how to dance is easy with the right teacher – pick your dance and start your journey to the mastery of Salsa, Jive, Samba, Rhumba, FoxTrot, Waltz, ChaCha, Tango and more with the celebrity dance coach Louis van Amstel from ‘danging with the stars’.

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Happy Dancing

Many artworks and posters use ballerinas as characters. These ballerinas usually exude poise and grace, their form and posture as good as can be. Indeed, ballet has long been revered for its various techniques. Ballerinas are often viewed as graceful, and many little girls dream of becoming just like them. It’s true that ballet requires much passion, discipline, and determination. But ballet can also be a fun thing to do, especially if the one doing it is a kid who intends to be as cheerful as can be while dancing along to the music. This is portrayed cutely in the poster “Ballet Dancer”.

The poster features a charming girl who has her hands held up over her head to form a circle, while one of her legs is up on the barre. She’s wearing pink leotards with long, yellow sleeves, and leotards with blue and white stripes. Her skirt is peppered with dainty pink hearts and her shoes are a nice shade of pink as well. She sports a pink ribbon to hold her hair up, with some of curls cascading down the back of her head. Pink and yellow stars are scattered around her. She has a smile on her face, an indication that she’s obviously having fun and enjoying what she does.

Quaint and lovely, the poster “Ballet Dancer” is very nice to look at and will surely be appreciated by anyone who loves dancing. This poster can also liven up the plain walls of any room. Little girls will surely like the colors as well as the heart-and-stars design, while the kid-at-heart can look at this as a reminder to have fun and enjoy the little things that life has to offer, like dance. Looking at this poster might even make you want to dance because of all the fun it can bring!

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Winged Dancers

There’s always a certain risk involved when one tries something different, but Anthony Ross pulls it off with much aplomb. An artist who usually paints roads and signs of various establishments such as diners and hotels, Anthony Ross’s “Butterfly Wings” is a surprising and refreshing deviation from his typical works. In this piece, he uses vivid colors and simple lines and contours set on a background done in different shades of yellow. Three black women are dancing, all of them forming a captivating picture. Eye-catching and interesting, this poster brings to mind images of dancers gracefully floating about on butterfly wings. With keen attention to detail, Ross even paints the floor with vague reflections of the dancers.

The poster features three dancers, all dressed vibrantly. There’s one outfitted in yellow, one in orange, and one in purple with an aqua-colored cloth draped over her arms. All of them are raising their hands up high, as if flapping wings. Their clothes feature a butterfly design at the front, and they all have lightly colored, almost transparent butterfly wings. They all look lively and are intent on contributing their own moves to the dance. They look powerful and they seem able to capture the attention of a crowd. With their colorful garments and butterfly wings, they seem like determined women, each one possessing her own unique characteristics that contribute even more to the beauty of their dance.

Unique and possessing a charm all its own, the “Butterfly Wings” poster brims with life and vivid colors. This poster would be a great gift for someone who loves dancing. Art enthusiasts will also love getting this poster as a present. Vibrant and eye-catching, this is also great for when you want to spice up a room and create a nice focal point and conversation starter.

Butterfly Wings

Butterfly Wings Art Print

Ross, Anthony

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Dancing beneath the Moon

A form of art created by motions made by one’s body, dancing is something that many people love to do. There are many forms of dance, each one having its own unique appeal. Slow dancing, for example, can be done with a special someone, or can be a way for two people to get intimate when they’ve only just met each other. After all, what could be more romantic than slow dancing with someone you like? Right on a balcony with the moon overhead and stars shining in the heavens, a dance on a night such as this spells magic and happiness. This circumstance is depicted charmingly in Robin Hall’s “Balcony Dance” poster. Solid colors and whimsical details add charm to this eye-catching work of art.

In the poster, a woman and a man, both outfitted in formal wear, are dancing on a balcony overlooking the city. Two glasses of wine are behind them, as well as two potted plants. Stars glimmer in the distance, and a crescent moon is seemingly smiling overhead, as if happy about the closeness of the two dancers on the balcony. Colors such as pink, blue, purple, white, and yellow are used in the poster, giving this piece a cheerful feel.

Fascinating and lovely to look at, this poster is great for anyone who loves dancing and needs to be reminded that a dance with someone can bring about or rekindle intimacy. The solid colors and cartoonish execution of this artwork can even make it suitable for decoration in kids’ rooms. Plain and ordinary walls can also benefit from the splash of color that this poster can lend to their otherwise cheerless surface. This poster can even be a great conversation starter when you invite guests into your home. Who knows? You might even end up dancing the night away.

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There’s Always a Choice

Although they are viewed by some people as just large sheets of paper featuring images, posters can actually be very inspiring. The “Great Quotes From Great Thinkers – Carlos Castaneda” shows this quote: “We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.” This quote is one that many people should keep in mind. After all, there’s always a choice, although there are times when choosing to be strong seems like a difficult choice to make.

In this dance poster, a ballerina is dancing with her feet on tiptoe and her arms outstretched. Wearing her leotard and tights and with her head held high, she looks determined, graceful, and powerful all at the same time. The dance studio offers her with a large space to dance in, to explore, to practice, to move. The window at the side brings sunshine into the studio, casting rays of light into the otherwise bare space. Dancing is a form of art that requires discipline, determination, and passion. It’s enjoyable and difficult at the same time. Executing plies, splits, and arabesques require concentration and practice. Just as this poster states, it’s up to the individual whether to quit when the going gets tough or to strive to go on and be strong to improve.

Not just an ordinary poster, this “Great Quotes From Great Thinkers – Carlos Castaneda” art print can make others feel inspired just by looking at the graceful dancer and reading the uplifting quote. A great gift for anyone who needs to be cheered up and told that there’s always a choice, this poster can surely make one think and smile. This is also great for when you want to add something special to the walls of your room and be reminded of a wonderful message.

Great Quotes From Great Thinkers - Carlos Castaneda

Great Quotes From Great Thinkers – Carlos Castaneda Art Print

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Dancing with Verve

One of America’s most exceptional painters, Richard Judson Zolan has many artworks featuring ballerinas. Using oil paint as his medium, Zolan’s works are influenced by both impressionism and realism. The brushwork is exquisite and the colors used in his painting “The Passion of Dance” are muted, but the image is still captivating and beautiful. This dance poster features a ballerina in mid-dance, but looking at the image seems to give one the impression that there is so much more to the image than what meets the eye.

Graceful, elegant, and poised as a ballerina should be, the girl in the poster has her left foot on a tiptoe and her right one extended backwards and up. She has one hand extending upwards, and one extending sidewards while her neck arches back. She has her eyes closed, almost as if she is savoring every moment of the dance, feeling her body go fluidly from one position to another. There is no need to look, only to feel the motions and listen to the music. She is caught up in the beauty of the moment, doing her best to bring life into the dance, using her movements and her own body to create art.

Dancing requires passion, determination, and discipline. “The Passion of Dance” portrays this well. Classic and elegant, this art print would make a great gift for someone who loves dancing. This poster reminds one that dancing is more than just moving the body and going with the music. Dancing is a form of art, and when one dances with passion, it shows. This poster is also great as a gift for art enthusiasts or as an adornment for plain-looking walls. An image of beauty, poise, passion, and grace, looking at this poster might even make you want to go dancing.

The Passion of Dance

The Passion of Dance Art Print

Zolan, Richard…

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Moon Love

For so long, roses have been a symbol of love. A man usually gives roses to the girl he likes, hoping that in doing so, he would be closer to winning her heart. Offering roses can also be a sign of gratitude or appreciation. Some people also offer roses to those they have offended, hoping that these flowers be seen as a sign that they are sincere about asking for forgiveness. But who says roses can only be offered to human beings? Definitely not the creative artist who produced “Ballerina Offering Roses to the Moon.” Unique and charming, this poster features a ballerina who offers roses to the moon. A simple gesture, but romantic and touching all the same.

The art print shows the image of a ballerina situated on the branches of a tree. With legs poised as if in genuflection, she extends her slender arms upward, raises her head high, and gazes at the moon. On her outstretched hands are roses she has brought as a gift. Only the moon, stars, and trees serve as witnesses to her gesture. In all its crescent glory, the moon seems like a smile turned sideways, almost as if it is happy with the ballerina’s unusual offering. Amidst the dark blue gray sky, the ballerina is an image of beauty, grace, and tenderness.

Although the poster looks so simple and whimsical, it seems to convey a profound message: that one should be grateful of the little things often taken for granted. In the hustle and bustle of life, people often forget to be thankful for the blessings that have been showered upon them. Simple things such as the beauty of the night or the light that reflects off the surface of the moon are no longer noticed by most of us. The ballerina in this poster shows individuals that once in a while, it’s good to stop, look around, and give back to the world a little of what it has showered upon mankind.

Ballerina Offering Roses to the Moon

Ballerina Offering Roses to the Moon Giclee Print

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Ballerina Bears and Bunnies

Ballet has long been a revered form of dance. Many little girls dream of becoming ballerinas, admiring their graceful moves and nicely turned out feet that can easily stand on tiptoe. But who says only humans can take pleasure from performing ballet? Well, certainly not Marnie Bishop Elmer, who is the artist behind the artwork “Pastel Ballet Class.” Quaint and cute, the poster is done in pastel shades of different colors such as yellow, pink, blue, and green. With bears and rabbits as the main characters, this poster can probably put a smile even on a grouch’s face.

There are three bunnies and two bears featured in the poster, all of them wearing pink ballet leotards with matching tutus and ballet shoes. Each of them carries two wands with pink stars, and they have crowns of flowers on their furry heads. Different colored stars are hung overhead, lending more fun and color to the atmosphere of these animals’ dance studio. The bears and bunnies each do different ballet positions, making them look really cute. But what probably gives this poster its charm is the fact that all the animals featured have smiles on their faces. They obviously love what they are doing and they’re having fun while dancing with each other.

Adorable and charming, this poster is a great gift for little girls aspiring to be ballerinas. Not only that, but this can also be given to anyone who loves ballet, pastel colors, and animals. Kids (and the kid-at-heart) will surely be cheered up by this poster. This cute artwork can even be framed and put on display in your home. The pretty pastel shades can liven up plain walls and make rooms look more fun. Just gazing at this poster might even make you want to dance just for fun!

Pastel Ballet Class

Pastel Ballet Class Art Print

Elmer, Marnie…

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It’s All in You

Simple, quaint, and charming, the “Confidence” poster features six little girls all practicing simple ballet positions in front of a large mirror. With their feet nicely turned out, some of the girls have their arms lifted high over their heads to form a circular shape. At the bottom part of the poster, a quote is written in cursive, dark red letters: “It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you are.” Indeed, the quote itself speaks volumes, as do the image of these kids trying their hardest to be good at something they love doing: dancing.

Ballet requires determination, passion, and discipline. It’s not only the body type and feet that are important, success in ballet also lies in the heart and soul of the dancer. How many people are there in the world who have been given the opportunity to pursue what they really love and yet back down because they think they aren’t good enough or that they don’t have enough talent? There are many of them who turn away in the face of challenges, who take the easy way out. Their dreams are left unfulfilled, and their reality remains a stark contrast to what could have been had they believed that they have the power to make their dreams come true.

“Confidence”, looking like a simple, ordinary poster at first glance, actually imparts a message that everyone should keep in their minds. Having confidence and believing in one’s power to turn dreams into reality is essential in life. This poster is a great present to anyone who needs to be reminded that in oneself lies the choice, the chance, and the power to pursue something one believes in and aspires for. Inspiring and adorable, this piece featuring little girls in tutus is also great for anyone aspiring to be a ballerina.


Confidence Poster

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Dancing above the Ocean for a Moment

Shot through the eyes of photographer Robin Hill, the poster “Silhouette of Dancer Jumping Over Atlantic Ocean” is classy and elegant, yet simple and understated. Once again, Robin Hill has taken a photograph that depicts the movement of water and the interplay of shadow and light in a way that is simply breathtaking and wonderful. The beauty of a single perfect moment is captured in this piece, seemingly acting as proof of the notion that magic can exist in everyday life.

The poster features a dancer gracefully poised above the water, as if frozen in a moment of time before plunging into the depths of the ocean. The arms of the dancer are extended upwards, giving off the impression of flying or being suspended in space. With his head bowed downwards, one knee bent, and one leg pointed directly towards the water, the dancer looks ready to make his descent into the ocean below. Soft clouds can be seen on the horizon, as the waves seem to await the dancer’s presence. The sun’s glow is captured right above the head of the dancer, giving the poster an ethereal feel. In this photograph, the dancer is immortalized as a being that exudes both grace and power, simplicity and beauty.

Poignant and captivating, this poster is perfect for anyone who wants to be reminded that the simplest, briefest moments can contain unexpected beauty and magic. The “Silhouette of Dancer Jumping Over Atlantic Ocean” can even serve as inspiration to aspiring photographers who need ideas and are interested in black and white photography as well as the portrayal of human motion, the grace of water, and silhouettes. When framed nicely, this poster is also great as an adornment for blank walls, because this can be the focal point of a room and act as a conversation starter.

Silhouette of Dancer Jumping Over Atlantic Ocean

Silhouette of Dancer Jumping Over Atlantic Ocean Photographic Print

Hill, Robin

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