Ballerina Bears and Bunnies

Ballet has long been a revered form of dance. Many little girls dream of becoming ballerinas, admiring their graceful moves and nicely turned out feet that can easily stand on tiptoe. But who says only humans can take pleasure from performing ballet? Well, certainly not Marnie Bishop Elmer, who is the artist behind the artwork “Pastel Ballet Class.” Quaint and cute, the poster is done in pastel shades of different colors such as yellow, pink, blue, and green. With bears and rabbits as the main characters, this poster can probably put a smile even on a grouch’s face.

There are three bunnies and two bears featured in the poster, all of them wearing pink ballet leotards with matching tutus and ballet shoes. Each of them carries two wands with pink stars, and they have crowns of flowers on their furry heads. Different colored stars are hung overhead, lending more fun and color to the atmosphere of these animals’ dance studio. The bears and bunnies each do different ballet positions, making them look really cute. But what probably gives this poster its charm is the fact that all the animals featured have smiles on their faces. They obviously love what they are doing and they’re having fun while dancing with each other.

Adorable and charming, this poster is a great gift for little girls aspiring to be ballerinas. Not only that, but this can also be given to anyone who loves ballet, pastel colors, and animals. Kids (and the kid-at-heart) will surely be cheered up by this poster. This cute artwork can even be framed and put on display in your home. The pretty pastel shades can liven up plain walls and make rooms look more fun. Just gazing at this poster might even make you want to dance just for fun!

Pastel Ballet Class

Pastel Ballet Class Art Print

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