What’s in a Dance

Ballet has long been a form of dance hailed for its own style, quality, and techniques. Many paintings and artworks have been inspired by ballet. Ladies with their arms over their heads in a circular manner and with their feet turned out or in tiptoe have been the inspiration for many artists and these images can be seen in a multitude of pieces. The “Reach, Embrace, Surrender” artwork done by Christopher Grey is no exception. Although it seems simple at first glance, there is no doubt that it is beautiful.

The poster features three squares side by side, each one depicting a ballerina doing a different pose. Underneath these squares are the words reach, embrace, and surrender. Indeed, these words convey what ballet and other forms of dance do. The first girl in the poster is depicting the act of reaching. Just as this dancer is reaching, so does ballet reach out to the audiences and draw them in, stories unfolding before their very eyes as dancers use their bodies and motions to create art. The next image features a girl embracing herself. Like that girl, so many people have embraced ballet and been awed by it. The last girl in the poster has her neck arched back, her hands crossed and touching her shoulders, symbolizing surrender. When ballet dancers dance, they surrender themselves to the melody of the music, the choreography, the fluid grace with which they have to move.
Done in shades of brown, this piece looks old-fashioned but timeless, classic and elegant. Although only shades of brown were used for this artwork, this poster is still interesting and captivating. In fact, this is a great gift for anyone who loves dancing or is fascinated by ballet. Art enthusiasts will love to receive this dance poster as well.

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