Dancing beneath the Moon

A form of art created by motions made by one’s body, dancing is something that many people love to do. There are many forms of dance, each one having its own unique appeal. Slow dancing, for example, can be done with a special someone, or can be a way for two people to get intimate when they’ve only just met each other. After all, what could be more romantic than slow dancing with someone you like? Right on a balcony with the moon overhead and stars shining in the heavens, a dance on a night such as this spells magic and happiness. This circumstance is depicted charmingly in Robin Hall’s “Balcony Dance” poster. Solid colors and whimsical details add charm to this eye-catching work of art.

In the poster, a woman and a man, both outfitted in formal wear, are dancing on a balcony overlooking the city. Two glasses of wine are behind them, as well as two potted plants. Stars glimmer in the distance, and a crescent moon is seemingly smiling overhead, as if happy about the closeness of the two dancers on the balcony. Colors such as pink, blue, purple, white, and yellow are used in the poster, giving this piece a cheerful feel.

Fascinating and lovely to look at, this poster is great for anyone who loves dancing and needs to be reminded that a dance with someone can bring about or rekindle intimacy. The solid colors and cartoonish execution of this artwork can even make it suitable for decoration in kids’ rooms. Plain and ordinary walls can also benefit from the splash of color that this poster can lend to their otherwise cheerless surface. This poster can even be a great conversation starter when you invite guests into your home. Who knows? You might even end up dancing the night away.

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