Dancing with Verve

One of America’s most exceptional painters, Richard Judson Zolan has many artworks featuring ballerinas. Using oil paint as his medium, Zolan’s works are influenced by both impressionism and realism. The brushwork is exquisite and the colors used in his painting “The Passion of Dance” are muted, but the image is still captivating and beautiful. This dance poster features a ballerina in mid-dance, but looking at the image seems to give one the impression that there is so much more to the image than what meets the eye.

Graceful, elegant, and poised as a ballerina should be, the girl in the poster has her left foot on a tiptoe and her right one extended backwards and up. She has one hand extending upwards, and one extending sidewards while her neck arches back. She has her eyes closed, almost as if she is savoring every moment of the dance, feeling her body go fluidly from one position to another. There is no need to look, only to feel the motions and listen to the music. She is caught up in the beauty of the moment, doing her best to bring life into the dance, using her movements and her own body to create art.

Dancing requires passion, determination, and discipline. “The Passion of Dance” portrays this well. Classic and elegant, this art print would make a great gift for someone who loves dancing. This poster reminds one that dancing is more than just moving the body and going with the music. Dancing is a form of art, and when one dances with passion, it shows. This poster is also great as a gift for art enthusiasts or as an adornment for plain-looking walls. An image of beauty, poise, passion, and grace, looking at this poster might even make you want to go dancing.

The Passion of Dance

The Passion of Dance Art Print

Zolan, Richard…

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