Winged Dancers

There’s always a certain risk involved when one tries something different, but Anthony Ross pulls it off with much aplomb. An artist who usually paints roads and signs of various establishments such as diners and hotels, Anthony Ross’s “Butterfly Wings” is a surprising and refreshing deviation from his typical works. In this piece, he uses vivid colors and simple lines and contours set on a background done in different shades of yellow. Three black women are dancing, all of them forming a captivating picture. Eye-catching and interesting, this poster brings to mind images of dancers gracefully floating about on butterfly wings. With keen attention to detail, Ross even paints the floor with vague reflections of the dancers.

The poster features three dancers, all dressed vibrantly. There’s one outfitted in yellow, one in orange, and one in purple with an aqua-colored cloth draped over her arms. All of them are raising their hands up high, as if flapping wings. Their clothes feature a butterfly design at the front, and they all have lightly colored, almost transparent butterfly wings. They all look lively and are intent on contributing their own moves to the dance. They look powerful and they seem able to capture the attention of a crowd. With their colorful garments and butterfly wings, they seem like determined women, each one possessing her own unique characteristics that contribute even more to the beauty of their dance.

Unique and possessing a charm all its own, the “Butterfly Wings” poster brims with life and vivid colors. This poster would be a great gift for someone who loves dancing. Art enthusiasts will also love getting this poster as a present. Vibrant and eye-catching, this is also great for when you want to spice up a room and create a nice focal point and conversation starter.

Butterfly Wings

Butterfly Wings Art Print

Ross, Anthony

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