Dancing above the Ocean for a Moment

Shot through the eyes of photographer Robin Hill, the poster “Silhouette of Dancer Jumping Over Atlantic Ocean” is classy and elegant, yet simple and understated. Once again, Robin Hill has taken a photograph that depicts the movement of water and the interplay of shadow and light in a way that is simply breathtaking and wonderful. The beauty of a single perfect moment is captured in this piece, seemingly acting as proof of the notion that magic can exist in everyday life.

The poster features a dancer gracefully poised above the water, as if frozen in a moment of time before plunging into the depths of the ocean. The arms of the dancer are extended upwards, giving off the impression of flying or being suspended in space. With his head bowed downwards, one knee bent, and one leg pointed directly towards the water, the dancer looks ready to make his descent into the ocean below. Soft clouds can be seen on the horizon, as the waves seem to await the dancer’s presence. The sun’s glow is captured right above the head of the dancer, giving the poster an ethereal feel. In this photograph, the dancer is immortalized as a being that exudes both grace and power, simplicity and beauty.

Poignant and captivating, this poster is perfect for anyone who wants to be reminded that the simplest, briefest moments can contain unexpected beauty and magic. The “Silhouette of Dancer Jumping Over Atlantic Ocean” can even serve as inspiration to aspiring photographers who need ideas and are interested in black and white photography as well as the portrayal of human motion, the grace of water, and silhouettes. When framed nicely, this poster is also great as an adornment for blank walls, because this can be the focal point of a room and act as a conversation starter.

Silhouette of Dancer Jumping Over Atlantic Ocean

Silhouette of Dancer Jumping Over Atlantic Ocean Photographic Print

Hill, Robin

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