Moon Love

For so long, roses have been a symbol of love. A man usually gives roses to the girl he likes, hoping that in doing so, he would be closer to winning her heart. Offering roses can also be a sign of gratitude or appreciation. Some people also offer roses to those they have offended, hoping that these flowers be seen as a sign that they are sincere about asking for forgiveness. But who says roses can only be offered to human beings? Definitely not the creative artist who produced “Ballerina Offering Roses to the Moon.” Unique and charming, this poster features a ballerina who offers roses to the moon. A simple gesture, but romantic and touching all the same.

The art print shows the image of a ballerina situated on the branches of a tree. With legs poised as if in genuflection, she extends her slender arms upward, raises her head high, and gazes at the moon. On her outstretched hands are roses she has brought as a gift. Only the moon, stars, and trees serve as witnesses to her gesture. In all its crescent glory, the moon seems like a smile turned sideways, almost as if it is happy with the ballerina’s unusual offering. Amidst the dark blue gray sky, the ballerina is an image of beauty, grace, and tenderness.

Although the poster looks so simple and whimsical, it seems to convey a profound message: that one should be grateful of the little things often taken for granted. In the hustle and bustle of life, people often forget to be thankful for the blessings that have been showered upon them. Simple things such as the beauty of the night or the light that reflects off the surface of the moon are no longer noticed by most of us. The ballerina in this poster shows individuals that once in a while, it’s good to stop, look around, and give back to the world a little of what it has showered upon mankind.

Ballerina Offering Roses to the Moon

Ballerina Offering Roses to the Moon Giclee Print

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