Happy Dancing

Many artworks and posters use ballerinas as characters. These ballerinas usually exude poise and grace, their form and posture as good as can be. Indeed, ballet has long been revered for its various techniques. Ballerinas are often viewed as graceful, and many little girls dream of becoming just like them. It’s true that ballet requires much passion, discipline, and determination. But ballet can also be a fun thing to do, especially if the one doing it is a kid who intends to be as cheerful as can be while dancing along to the music. This is portrayed cutely in the poster “Ballet Dancer”.

The poster features a charming girl who has her hands held up over her head to form a circle, while one of her legs is up on the barre. She’s wearing pink leotards with long, yellow sleeves, and leotards with blue and white stripes. Her skirt is peppered with dainty pink hearts and her shoes are a nice shade of pink as well. She sports a pink ribbon to hold her hair up, with some of curls cascading down the back of her head. Pink and yellow stars are scattered around her. She has a smile on her face, an indication that she’s obviously having fun and enjoying what she does.

Quaint and lovely, the poster “Ballet Dancer” is very nice to look at and will surely be appreciated by anyone who loves dancing. This poster can also liven up the plain walls of any room. Little girls will surely like the colors as well as the heart-and-stars design, while the kid-at-heart can look at this as a reminder to have fun and enjoy the little things that life has to offer, like dance. Looking at this poster might even make you want to dance because of all the fun it can bring!

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